Does Anybody need to…..

emphasize how beautiful Falmouth is in the fall?

Whether you are enjoying late season flowers like this hibiscus next to our inn entrance…….

…..or taking in a Currier & Ives scene right in our neighborhood……

…… or taking in an indescribably beautiful sunset behind the Knob  (ocean sunsets on the EAST Coast anyone?)….   Falmouth and the Cape are unforgettable this time of year!

The crowds are light, wait times at the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge are short, service at restaurants is quick and the air is delightfully mild – neither oppressively hot nor chilly.  Even the ocean waters are still warm enough for swimming.

Last Saturday Falmouth hosted its Dream Cruise car show….. so much fun!   Hundreds of antique and classic cars on display on the lawn at the library.

Upcoming events include October 5th’s wildly popular annual Beer-B-Que at the Museums on the Green, two doors from Palmer House.   We can obtain tickets for you if you want to join the party.   On October 20th, Palmer House is taking part in Falmouth’s wonderful annual Jazz Stroll.  Along with dozens of other businesses in the Historic District, we will be hosting a live jazz combo.  Each participating business has some enticing attraction for visitors.  In our case we’ll be offering complimentary pastry coffee and wine.





The carpentry magicians continue their magic…..

Every day we are amazed how the new porch seems to be growing before our eyes.  It all looks so effortless.  Of course we know, that the carpentry team is working harder than ever to put everything back together.    What was a series of cement posts a week ago is starting to look like a porch.

Yesterday the landscapers visited, removed the old, leggy and sickly rhododendrons and planted new ones.   It will take several years for the new shrubs to take on the appearance of mature growth, but for the first time in years it is possible to look out of the porch and actually SEE the front garden!

We have also received Historical Commission approval to place our new fountain in the front yard!  We’ll write more on that later!



Turbocharged workmen!

24 hours after posting about the construction of the porch, it has gone from this

To this!

Complete with steps at both ends.   We’ll keep you posted as the porch progresses!