When we bought Palmer House Inn in May, 2018, we found ourselves a neighbor to the Katharine Lee Bates house, the beloved family home of the author of “America the Beautiful,” that most iconic love song to our gorgeous nation.

In the years we have been here, we have made a great many improvements to the inn, and made it a special point to outfit the facility with the best quality fixtures and equipment available.  Over time we noticed that this led us more and more to seeking American manufacturers that take pride in crafting exquisite furniture, elegant fixtures and massively durable industrial-grade appliances.  A number of our acquisitions for the inn date back to the Art Deco Era (sophisticated light fixtures and stunning music systems).  Others hark back to the era of solid metal gears and construction (our heavy commercial Hobart mixer), while other pieces are new, but built to comparable standards of granite-like solidity (living room furniture, giant laundry equipment, refrigeration equipment, ice maker and so on).

living room fireplace at Palmer House, a Cape Cod B&B in Falmouth

Our careful shopping has evolved into a continuing practice of specifically looking for American Made products (rocking chairs for the porches, exterior lighting equipment, Covid-combatting equipment, kitchen and dining room fixtures and equipment). These domestically-made items can be harder to source and measurably more expensive than mass-made products from the plethora of available on-line importers, but the smiles of our guests when they experience the comfort and solidity of an American-made chair or sofa makes the extra effort more than worth it.  We also believe it is the right thing to support American businesses whenever it is possible to do so.

So it is with much pleasure that we present to you Palmer House Inn, located in the village of America the Beautiful, a Good Citizen Inn, dedicated to carrying on the Victorian tradition of fine quality home furnishings and equipment made right here in the United States.

front porch rocking chairs at our Cape Cod B&B in Falmouth