When we bought Palmer House Inn in May, 2018, we found ourselves in the immediate vicinity of the historic Katharine Lee Bates house, the family home of the author of the words to “America the Beautiful”. This phrase has inspired improvements to the property, including outfitting our inn with the finest American furnishings and providing complimentary electric car charging, to help keep America beautiful.

Comfortable common rom sitting area and fireplace at inn on Cape Cod

Focused on the Finest American Made Furnishings

Only the Best for Our Guests

In the years we have been here, we have made a great many improvements to the inn, and made it a special point to outfit the facility with the best quality fixtures and equipment we were able to find. Over time we noticed that this increasingly had us seeking out American manufacturers that maintain a tradition of taking pride in carefully crafting solid furniture, elegant light fixtures, durable commercial-grade appliances and the like.

A number of our acquisitions are fully functional antiques dating back to the Art Deco Era and earlier. Others hark back to the era of solid metal gears and construction (commercial Hobart mixer), while other pieces are new, but built to comparable standards of granite-like solidity (living room furniture, laundry and kitchen equipment, and so on). We receive daily feedback from guests who appreciate the beauty and solid quality of these pieces, old and newer alike.

Emily Dickinson Room bed

A Continuation of Quality

Supporting Stateside Suppliers

Over time, our shopping practices became more selective, and a product’s “Made in America” status is a material qualifier. If a product we need is manufactured stateside, we will buy it. These domestically-made items can be harder to source and measurably more expensive than mass-made imports, but the smiles they generate among our guests makes the extra effort more than worth it. We firmly believe it is the right thing to do, to support American manufacturers and providers whenever it is possible to do so.