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C Salt Wine Bar & Grill opened at 75 Davis Straits Road in Falmouth, last year during the height of the summer season. Immediately, Bill and I started to hear positive comments about the food from guests and friends. In March of this year we decided to give it a try. We were pleasantly surprised. C Salt is not the typical Cape Cod eatery. The food is up scale, elegantly prepared and plated but the atmosphere is casual. Diners can go there in sandals and jeans if they like, a dress code we affectionately call “Cape Cod Casual”. The prices are moderate and the food is fresh and the presentation, up scale. Jon Phillips, the executive chef/owner describes the food as, Modern American with Asian and French influences.

C Salt's elightfully presented cuisine

Delightfully presented cuisine

Jon and his wife Jill work well together. Jill oversees the dining room while Jon works in the kitchen. John and Jill share the same work ethic. They enjoy trying new dishes and sampling wines together. Their passion for the work shows in the finished product. The restaurant is beautifully designed and  has a comfortable, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Crispy Thai Calamari

Crispy Thai Calamari

There is something for everyone on C Salt’s menu.  There are composed seafood dishes like the “Sesame Seared Salmon” that is served with roasted new potatoes, spicy Asian snap peas with mushrooms and red bell peppers, Lime Cilantro Beurre Blanc,  Chili Oil and cilantro.  In addition there are beef offerings such as the USDA “prime” Flat Iron Steak that is grilled and topped with blue cheese butter, grilled asparagus, hand cut fritters tossed in sea salt. In April our daughter came to visit with our six year old grandson, Michael. The little guy was completely satisfied when he ordered one of Jon’s thin crust flat breads.

Without a doubt our favorite C Salt dish is the calamari. We were pleased to discover that it is not the traditional calamari with the heavy batter that is served with marinara sauce. Jon’s version is a new interpretation on the old favorite. The calamari ringlets are dipped in a light batter and fried, it is combined with baby spinach, cashews, mangos and pea shoots, then it is tossed with a hot and sour dressing. One can definitely taste the Asian influence in this dish.

C Salt's Sesame Seared Salmon

Sesame Seared Salmon

The Falmouth chef community is an outstanding group of talented people. When Jon was deciding on the type of  bread to serve, he went to Falmouth Village’s Maison Villatte (0ne of our 12 Great Sidewalk Cafes). The boulangerie developed a wonderful bread for C Salt. It is topped with sea salt and when it is served warm with whipped butter, it is delicious.

C Salt Wine Bar & Grille

75 Davis Straits
Falmouth MA 02540
(774) 763-2954

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