National Marine Life Center Partners with Palmer House Inn

The Palmer House Team has a collaborative arrangement with the National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay, a nonprofit hospital for marine animals. Inn owners, Tom and Billy visited the facility and were moved by the amazing work they perform for needy animals. Now you can help too! You can make a tax-deductible donation to the center by including it as an “add-on to your reservation at our top-rated Falmouth, MA bed and breakfast. We will match your donation up to $50! (Make a donation when you reserve a room online or give us a call or email us with questions. We reserve the right to change or end this promotion without prior notice.)

Sea Turtle

Cape Cod is a magical place, but it is also, unfortunately, a stranding hot spot for sea turtles, seals, dolphins and other beautiful wildlife. Currently, The National Marine Life Center treats injured, sick or (in the winter) hypothermic turtles and seals. They are in the process of gearing up to establish a ward for the treatment of dolphins as well. Billy and Thomas were highly impressed with the love and expert care the animals receive. Those that are too badly hurt to be able to survive in the wild receive a new forever home at the center. Those healed and able to return to their natural habitat are released back into the ocean, and what a moment that is!


Depending on the season, animals are brought to other areas like the Mid Atlantic states and released there to return to normal life if the water temperatures are more conducive to their survival. Many of the patients at the center are migratory species and are there as a result of climate change. They swim north along the route of the Gulf Stream in early summer in search of cooler waters and pass along the Atlantic side of Cape Cod, then turn west, ending up in Cape Cod Bay for the summer.

Sea Turtles in the Sand

Trouble hits when the weather turns colder and the animals start swimming south, only to encounter the north side of the Cape. Now they are trapped in the Bay which cools down drastically in the winter and are subject to hypothermia and severe damage to their system and at real risk of death. Each year, larger numbers of animals are found in hypothermic condition by people walking the beach and brought to the Center. Historically, these animals never migrated this far north and certainly have no intellectual understanding of the geographical shape of the Cape as well as the need to swim north and then east before turning south for warmer waters. It is a man-made ecological disaster.

Tom, Billy, and Brody

Thomas and Billy would like to help mitigate this situation in their own small way by helping to contribute to the funding of the Marine Life Center. With their absolute love of animals, this was a no-brainer. This small contribution will greatly help the lives of many needy and majestic animals. Make a donation today, pack up your furry friend and make an escape to our Falmouth Inn. We would love to host you and your pet, and also encourage you to visit the National Marine Life Center, which will allow you to see your contribution at work!

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