Signatures Mosaic Show

Signatures Mosaic Show at Falmouth’s Highfield Hall

Banner for Signature Mosaic Show in Falmouth.

Banner for Signature Mosaic Show in Falmouth.

This summer from July 10th through September 1st, Highfield Hall is hosting the Signatures Mosaic Show. It is comprised of fifteen mosaic artists who are making their mark on the world of mosaics. This is a cutting edge exhibition. The mosaics that have been selected for this exhibition represent not only a cross section of styles but also the diverse choices of materials that feature each artist’s “signature”.

About the Signatures Mosaic Show

The curator, Linda Dadak writes, “It is my hope that this exhibition will provide you with endless viewing pleasure and inspire you to not only see the mosaics around you but also seek out the many galleries and museums that feature this extraordinary Art Form.” I had a wonderful time viewing the mosaics from the show in the elegant space.

Signature Mosaic Show in hallway and room.

Hallway and room in Highfield Hall displaying mosaics.

Mosaic dresses by Susan Wechsler at the Signature Mosaic Show

Dream by Susan Wechsler

As you enter the house there are mosaics on the walls, in the halls, and above fireplaces. Each mosaic has its own space and plenty of natural light to be appreciated and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. Highfield Hall is less than a mile and a short walk from the Palmer House.

The outstanding Signatures Mosaic Show artists are:

  • North Head Lighthouse by Carl and Sandra Bryant at the Signature Mosaic Show

    North Head Lighthouse by Carl and Sandra Bryant.

    Rachel Sager Lynch

  • Yulia Hanansen
  • Carl and Sandra Bryant
  • Sophie Drouin
  • Richard Youngstrom
  • Jim Bowen
  • Mary Dunn  Cauley
  • Verdonna
  • Betsy Redman
  • Richard Youngstrom
  • Kathryn Hmielowski
  • Sean Newton
  • Carol Shelkin
  • Amy Marks
  • Daniel Tardif
  • Linda Dadak
  • Susan Wechsler
  • Sonya King
  • Laurie Mika
  • Jo Braun
  • Julie Richey
  • Lynn Moor
  • Cynthia Fisher
By Verdonna at the Signature Mosaic Show

By Verdonna

Call of the Egg/Series #2 Surrender by Lynn Moor

Call of the Egg/Series #2 Surrender by Lynn Moor

The Curator, Linda Dadak is a Cape Cod Mosaic artist. She was responsible for bringing the first mosaic exhibition to New England in 2004 which was held at the Higgins Gallery on the campus of Cape Cod Community College. During the summer of 2011, Linda co-curated The National Mosaic Exhibition of Cape Cod at Highfield Hall  here in Falmouth. In addition to showing sixty-five works of mosaic art, she also organized gallery talks, a mosaic bus tour, and films about mosaics. These features made that exhibition popular and unique. It was the inspiration for this year’s exhibition.

Main staircase and mosaics for Signature Mosaic Show

Main staircase and mosaics.

This summer’s exhibition is also being held at Highfield Hall here in Falmouth and consists of the works of fifteen nationally and internationally known mosaics artists from around the United States.This exhibition presents some of the best work from today’s contemporary mosaic artists and will inspire you to take a closer look at the extraordinary diversity of this art form. The exhibition will show that this mosaics in the hands of this diverse group of American artists, indeed does have a distinct “Signature”.

Antique sideboard cabinet and mosaics for Signature Mosaic Show

Antique sideboard cabinet and mosaics.

During this season we had a number of the mosaic students, who were taking classes at Highfield, stay with us at the Palmer House Inn because we are located close by. They were absolutely delightful guests. It was a pleasure to chat with them during breakfast. Several of the students traveled from the western part of the country. Because they were concerned about carrying their tools on the airplane, they had their equipment shipped to the Inn ahead of time. Everything arrived in good condition and was awaiting them upon their arrival. We are hoping that the mosaic classes will be an annual event. It is truly amazing to witness how this art form has evolved and branched out in recent years.



Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B

Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B

While all of our rooms have their own Cape charm, we recommend the Theodore Roosevelt Room for its Victorian flourishes, the Emily Dickinson Room for its New England charm, and the Richard Henry Dana Room for its nautical theme. All of three of these rooms feature king beds and jacuzzi-style tubs for complete relaxation after a wonderful day viewing the mosaics.