C Salt

C Salt's Sesame Seared Salmon

C Salt Wine Bar & Grill opened at 75 Davis Straits Road in Falmouth, last year during the height of the summer season. Immediately, Bill and I started to hear positive comments about the food from guests and friends. In March of this year we decided to give it a try. We were pleasantly surprised. C Salt is not the typical Cape Cod eatery. The food is up scale, elegantly prepared and plated but the atmosphere is casual. Diners can go there in sandals and jeans if they like, a dress code we affectionately call “Cape Cod Casual”. The prices are moderate and the food is fresh and the presentation, up scale. Jon Phillips, the executive chef/owner describes the food as, Modern American with Asian and French influences.

C Salt's elightfully presented cuisine
Delightfully presented cuisine

Jon and his wife Jill work well together. Jill oversees the dining room while Jon works in the kitchen. John and Jill share the same work ethic. They enjoy trying new dishes and sampling wines together. Their passion for the work shows in the finished product. The restaurant is beautifully designed and  has a comfortable, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Crispy Thai Calamari
Crispy Thai Calamari

There is something for everyone on C Salt’s menu.  There are composed seafood dishes like the “Sesame Seared Salmon” that is served with roasted new potatoes, spicy Asian snap peas with mushrooms and red bell peppers, Lime Cilantro Beurre Blanc,  Chili Oil and cilantro.  In addition there are beef offerings such as the USDA “prime” Flat Iron Steak that is grilled and topped with blue cheese butter, grilled asparagus, hand cut fritters tossed in sea salt. In April our daughter came to visit with our six year old grandson, Michael. The little guy was completely satisfied when he ordered one of Jon’s thin crust flat breads.

Without a doubt our favorite C Salt dish is the calamari. We were pleased to discover that it is not the traditional calamari with the heavy batter that is served with marinara sauce. Jon’s version is a new interpretation on the old favorite. The calamari ringlets are dipped in a light batter and fried, it is combined with baby spinach, cashews, mangos and pea shoots, then it is tossed with a hot and sour dressing. One can definitely taste the Asian influence in this dish.

C Salt's Sesame Seared Salmon
Sesame Seared Salmon

The Falmouth chef community is an outstanding group of talented people. When Jon was deciding on the type of  bread to serve, he went to Falmouth Village’s Maison Villatte (0ne of our 12 Great Sidewalk Cafes). The boulangerie developed a wonderful bread for C Salt. It is topped with sea salt and when it is served warm with whipped butter, it is delicious.

C Salt Wine Bar & Grille

75 Davis Straits
Falmouth MA 02540
(774) 763-2954

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Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod's Emily Dickinson Room Five
Cape Cod’s Emily Dickinson Room Five

While all of the bedchambers at the Palmer House have their own romantic charm suitable for relaxation before and after the most wonderful day of adventures exploring the cuisine of Cape Cod, we recommend the Emily Dickinson roomthe Harriet Beecher Stowe room, or the Theodore Roosevelt room. These rooms feature comfortable king beds, cozy fireplaces, and soothing jacuzzi-style tubs.

12 Great Cape Cod Sidewalk Cafes

12 Great Cape Cod Sidewalk Cafes

A Bit Like Paris with a New England Flare of its Own: 12 Great Sidewalk Cafe Eateries on Cape Cod

Ten years ago Main Street, Falmouth had one or two restaurants with sidewalk dining. Now, with twelve eateries to choose from, a stroll down our bustling Restaurant Row is truly a tempting excursion. These great Cape Cod sidewalk cafes are varied and international in flavor. It reminds me of Paris but it’s Cape Cod all the way.

12 Great Cape Cod Sidewalk Cafes
12 Great Cape Cod Sidewalk Cafes
  1. Bean & Cod starts our list and is one of the first great Cape Cod sidewalk cafe on the right as you walk from the Palmer House into town. This little specialty food store (a great place for the New England food connoisseur to pick up jams, olive oils, vinegars, sauces, and pastas), is a fixture in Falmouth. This is one of the stops where many of the local villagers go for their favorite sandwiches. They have only a couple of tables and chairs but it’s a lovely stop for lunch and a glass of wine.

    Bean & Cod's sidewalk cafe
    Bean & Cod Sidewalk seating
  2. The Pickle Jar's sidewalk cafe
    The Pickle Jar

    2. At the The Pickle Jar Kitchen they believe,” that any good meal should start with wholesome natural ingredients and be served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.” They have succeeded in their goal and that puts them on our list of the great Cape Cod sidewalk cafes. I chose to have lunch there last Thursday. I had a roasted beet salad with goat cheese on baby arugula in a whole grain mustard vinaigrette. To drink, I had their house made lemonade. It was a delicious meal in a pleasant location.

    roasted beet salad with goat cheese
    Roasted beet salad with goat cheese.
  3. The head chef at Osteria la Civetta is Fabio Pozzati. Both he and the owners are natives of the Emila Romagna region in Northern Italy. All of the dishes reflect the authentic cuisine of their native land. I have heard it said that when one stepping into Osteria it is like stepping from Cape Cod into Italy. All of the furnishings and decor has been brought from Italy. Now they have outside dining both on the sidewalk and on a side patio, to add to the European flavor of the Cape Cod sidewalk cafe experience.
  4. Tisberry

    4. Tisberry’s was founded in the Town of Tisbury on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, and now we have this Cape Cod favorite in Falmouth. This family owned eatery features non-fat premium frozen yogurt flavored with the finest all-natural purees and very tasty smoothies.

  5. CupCapes Sidewalk Cafe

    Cup Cake Charlie.s creates baked goods, soups, ice creams, and cup cakes for special events. They strive to create a gathering spot that is inviting, warm and filled with wonderful treats. Their goal is to make every visit an experience and I love to stop in to see the cupcake creation of the week. They recently expanded their seating to include a table and chairs on the sidewalk.

  6. Anejo Mexican Bistro & Tequila Bar pays homage to their tequilas. Their mission: “To bring you our take on authentic Mexican market food – slowing down the processes and adding some culinary twists of our own.” They are fortunate to have both sidewalk seating on Main Street and comfortable couch seating in the charming alley on their side. It’s wonderful to sip a Margarita while enjoying a warm summer evening go by in good company.
  7. Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium with ice cream, sweets, and fun need we say any more… a warm day isn’t complete without an ice cream and a seat at this great Cape Cod sidewalk cafe.

    Ben & Bills Sidewalk Cafe
    Ben & Bills
  8. Ghelfi’s is where I buy our fine hand-made chocolates that we give to our guests who are celebrating special occasions at our inn. The chocolates are made from the finest ingredients, right here in their kitchen on Cape Cod. They have been perfecting the art of candy making for three generations.
  9. Maison Villatte is a wonderful boulangerie. They will provide you with the most wonderful quiches, breads, and pastries.

    Maison Villatte Sidewalk Cafe
    Maison Villatte
  10. Stone L'Oven's sidewalk cafe
    Stone L’Oven

    Divine Pizza brings together a pizzeria and a great Cape Cod sidewalk cafe. They have hand-tossed, stone-fired pizza in the Neapolitan tradition. They also have signature pasta dishes, specialty sandwiches and gourmet salads. In addition they have fine wines and award-winning regional beer.

  11. Parkside's Cape Cod sidewalk cafe
    Parkside Market

     Parkside Market is located across from Peg Noonan Park. For the health conscious eater, looking to focus on locally sourced food, Parkside is one of the best. Their meats are house roasted and free of hormones and their greens are always organic. They also offer soy milk and gluten-free options.

  12. Bear in Boots Sidewalk Cafe
    Bear in Boots

     Bear in Boots Gastropub is one of the newest establishments in Falmouth and a fun addition to our 12 Great Cape Cod Sidewalk Cafes list. A Gastropub is the combination of a comfortable friendly pub atmosphere with really good food. They have 18 beers on tap, 18 table beers, wine and cocktails. Everything is made in-house right down to the ketchup.


Cape Cod's Stowe Room, A
Harriet Beecher Stowe room
Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B

While all of the bedchambers at the Palmer House have their own charm suitable for relaxation after the most wonderful day of adventures sampling the best Cape Cod sidewalk cafe’s, we recommend the Harriet Beecher Stowe room, the Theodore Roosevelt room or the Emily Dickinson room. These rooms feature comfortable king beds, fireplaces, jacuzzi-style tubs for a relaxing stay before and after your day.

Simply Divine Pizza Co., Falmouth

Pizza at the Bar

Watch them hand-toss pizza dough at Simply Di Vine Pizza Co., Falmouth

Hand Tossed Pizza
Hand Tossed Pizza
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

When Bill and I are looking for a really good pizza, we walk down to 271 Main Street and enjoy a fine hand tossed Neapolitan style pizza at Simply Di Vine Pizza Co. Pizza Company. The pizza are baked in a 650 degree stone fired oven. The high temperature locks in the flavor. They use only natural ingredients, local seasonally sourced produce and field packed tomatoes. The dough is made freshly every day it is then aged using a slow fermentation technique to bring out the flavor and taste of the crust. The dough, cheeses and sauce never contain additives, preservatives or chemicals. Also, they never add sugar or oil to the dough or sauce. That is good for those of us who are watching our waist lines. The dough is then stretched and hand tossed right there in the open kitchen were diners can watch the show. Last summer when our granddaughter came to visit we took her to watch her pizza being made. After the tosser placed the dough on the pan, he gave a lump of dough to her to play with while the pizza baked. For a two year old and her mimi, that was great fun.

Pizza at the Bar
Pizza at the Bar

We have an appreciation for the skill of hand tossing. When our oldest daughter was in college she worked for a neighborhood pizza restaurant and learned to toss pizzas. She got to be quite good. It makes us chuckle to think of our very Irish -American, Erin O’Connell, tossing with the best of them.

When the pizzas are placed into the oven the baker turns and slides it through all parts of the oven until it has a crisp tender crust and charred bubbles that are the signature characteristics of the Neapolitan pizza.

Stone L'Oven Dining
Stone L’Oven Dining

My favorite pizza is the Fig & Prosciutto. My mouth starts to water just thinking of the blend of flavors and that wonderfully crunchy crust. Our bartender, Bob enjoys serving it up. Bill’s favorite is the Meat Lover. It has tone L’oven’s own maple-fennel sausage, pepperoni, ham, and meatballs over mozzarella and their signature tomato sauce.  Another meal that is very enjoyable is the antipasti plate. It can be ordered in an individual size or the larger family size. It has salami, prosciutto, wrapped goat cheese, Spring mix, black and green olives, roasted peppers, roasted eggplant, provolone cheese. Then it is drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Antipasti Plate
Antipasti Plate

They also have a complete selection of salads, soups, pasta dishes, calzones, wraps and sandwiches. Not to mention the great children’s menu and a wonderful selection of deserts. All of this is served in a bright cheerful environment and yes, they do deliver.

Stone L'Oven
Simply DiVine Pizza 

Simply Di Vine Pizza Co. Falmouth is a short walk from the Palmer House at:

271 Main Street
Falmouth, MA 02540

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Cape Cod's Stowe Room, A
Harriet Beecher Stowe room
Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B

While all of our rooms have their own individual charm suitable for relaxation after the most wonderful day of gastronomic adventures, we recommend the Harriet Beecher Stowe room, the Theodore Roosevelt room or the Emily Dickinson room. These rooms feature comfortable king beds, fireplaces, jacuzzi-style tubs and a relaxing stay before and after your day.