Kousa Dogwood in our Cape Cod Garden

This beautiful Kousa Dogwood tree is in our garden at our Cape Cod B&B.

Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast Garden Kousa Dogwood Flowers.

Kousa Dogwood blooms at breakfast.

Cape Cod B&B Garden Kousa Dogwood Berries

Kousa Dogwood berries.

We thought that we were going to lose this beautiful tree two years ago. Half of the tree was dead. We called in our arborist, who told us that our only chance of saving the tree was to give it a deep root feeding. Last year it seemed to be gaining strength so we gave it another feeding and this spring we were rewarded with these lovely blossoms. In a few weeks red seed pods will appear.

During warm summer mornings, we serve breakfast on the deck that is shaded by this lovely tree.

Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast on the deck.

Breakfast on the deck.