Daytrip to Plymouth, Massachusetts

Are you interested in learning the history of this great land? Do you want a fun filled interactive way to explore? If so, taking a daytrip to Plymouth, MA is a great way to spend an adventurous day outside learning about our great land’s past.

Downtown Plymouth is less than a hour’s drive from the Palmer House Inn. It bustles with many fine restaurants and shops. The downtown area is also the location of the famous Plymouth Rock. This landmark is the spot where settlers first landed in the new world in 1620. Located next to the rock is the Mayflower II. She is a complete, to scale replica of the original historic vessel that sailed across the Atlantic. Hop aboard this seventeenth century ship and get a tour. One can imagine what it must have been like to travel across a vast ocean during that time period.

Plimouth at Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

A Daytrip to Plimoth Plantation

To get an even more realistic experience into what it was like in America in the 1700’s, take a walk around Plimoth Plantation. The Plantation is two fully functioning replicated villages of both the colonists and the Native Americans. The Native Americans had lived and thrives off the land for centuries before the arrival of the colonists. In order to tour these villages your first stop will be the Visitor’s Center.  Here you can purchase tickets to the plantation and check out the Museum’s Shops. These shops sell beautiful Native American jewelry, handmade toys and food that was unique to the time period. The center is open year-round and hosts a wide variety of events.

In the Wampanoag village one will find actors of Native American descent who are dressed in period accurate clothing. As you walk through the village and into their homes you will discover many different aspects of their way of living. Besides their attire, you can view how they cooked, ate, planted and harvested crops. You will see the games that they played, learn about their music and dance. These are all portrayed on site. While there you can ask the actors questions about their lives and work. They will be sure to have a tale or an interesting tid-bit to share about their culture and lifestyle in the seventh century.

To learn about the English colonists, you can visit their village also. The actors there are also clad in period attire. They will also share stories from the time and teach you about their lives and struggles in their new land. This community gives you a look into both the maritime and farming ways of life. It is interesting to view the animals that were common in the area. In addition you will want to view the houses and gardens that were built by the settlers.

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Plymouth Grist Mill

If the Mayflower and the Plantation isn’t enough for one day, be sure to visit the Plymouth Grist Mill. This corn grinding mill is a reproduction of a mill that built in 1636. The site is open year-round and is fully operational. This mill is open daily and when it is running you can observe how it functions and you can even purchase some stone ground corn meal.

Plymouth is a wonderful daytrip to take for people of all ages. There are numerous options for recreation, learning and you can not beat the beautiful coastal views. Enjoy the history and beauty of this charming town while staying with us at the Palmer House Inn.


Cape Cod's Stowe Room, A

Harriet Beecher Stowe room

Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B

Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B

While all of the bedchambers at the Palmer House have their own romantic charm suitable for relaxation after the most wonderful day of adventures New England’s rich history, we recommend the Harriet Beecher Stowe room, the Theodore Roosevelt room or the Emily Dickinson room. These rooms feature comfortable king beds, fireplaces, jetted tubs for a relaxing stay before and after your day.