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Traveler tarry a while at the Palmer House Inn. Discover Falmouth’s picturesque streets, lovely old homes, historic public buildings, delightful dining places, unique shops and 68 miles of winding coastline along Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay.

Scallop Season on the Cape

All of the recipes that I have written on this blog have been for breakfasts. However, since moving to Falmouth, six years ago, we have developed a fondness for the abundance of seafood to be found in this area. The following is a particularly tasty dish that we ran across recently. Scallops in Honey, Lemon,…

Peonys in the Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast Garden

Two years ago we transplanted two peony plants.     I thought that we had lost them until I went walking behind the Thoreau Cottage garden this year and was delighted to find these lovely flowers. I guess that they just needed a little time to recover from the stress of being transplanted.  I am…

August’s Recipe: Cape Cod Sunrise

You can’t find this recipe in our book but you can frequently find it at the Inn. Recipe Book Favorite Recipes of The Palmer House Inn You can find many of our recipes in the Inn’s recipe book. Order a copy for yourself (at

Nasturtiums at Our Cape Cod B&B

I have always enjoyed nasturtiums. My first memory of this pretty little flower was the summer that my little sister was born. There was an older lady in our neighborhood. She was a housekeeper and must have spent many hours alone. During the long hot summer afternoons she would walk to our house to visit…

Lily Season in Falmouth

  I am so proud of these beautiful lilies.   Most of the trees flowers and shrubs that are in the gardens have been purchased at our local nurseries, however these lilies were an impulse buy at one of our local supermarkets. They were pretty last year but this year they are outshining themselves in…

Mountain Laurel Season on Cape Cod

The mountain laurel is one of my favorite flowers.       Bill and I even named one of our daughters after these lovely pink blossoms. We do not have any mountains on the cape, but we do have a quiet shady corner of the Inn’s property where this beautiful bush thrives.

Independence Day Showoffs

Cape Cod is known for its beautiful hydrangeas and the Palmer House gardens have several types.     We have the classic white and blue pom poms, and the lace caps that are in bloom now. We also have conical hydrangeas that will bloom later in the season. They are so abundant this year that…