January on Cape Cod

The days are mild and the primrose is in blooming in the Palmer House’s garden. The golf courses are green and lush and our beaches are just waiting for you to take an afternoon stroll. We are open all winter and we are ready to pamper you and your “someone special” with afternoon refreshments, charming…

Peonys in the Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast Garden

Two years ago we transplanted two peony plants.     I thought that we had lost them until I went walking behind the Thoreau Cottage garden this year and was delighted to find these lovely flowers. I guess that they just needed a little time to recover from the stress of being transplanted.  I am…

Mountain Laurel Season on Cape Cod

The mountain laurel is one of my favorite flowers.       Bill and I even named one of our daughters after these lovely pink blossoms. We do not have any mountains on the cape, but we do have a quiet shady corner of the Inn’s property where this beautiful bush thrives.

Independence Day Showoffs

Cape Cod is known for its beautiful hydrangeas and the Palmer House gardens have several types.     We have the classic white and blue pom poms, and the lace caps that are in bloom now. We also have conical hydrangeas that will bloom later in the season. They are so abundant this year that…

Fragrant Flowers on Cape Cod – Stephanotis

This year I decided to have a pot of stephanotis by the entrance door of the inn.     They are a lovely white flower and have a beautiful fragrance. I especially enjoy looking at them as I pass by because they were one of the flowers in my wedding bouquet.

Lilacs on Cape Cod

The Palmer House Inn’s lilacs are in full bloom. They are so fragrant that we just had to bring them inside.

The First Planting of the Season for Our Cape Cod Garden

Each year on March 30th I plant the first pansies. The splashes of color in the window boxes and planters look festive after the long gray winter. As you can see by now they are in full bloom. In the past I have been able to keep them blooming right into November by keeping up…

Our May Basket Won 1st Place

The Palmer House Inn’s May basket won first place on the traditional category. I’m quite pleased. This is a fun event to start the spring in Cape Cod. It was judged by the Village Association members. Now the challenge will be to come up with something special for next year.