Cape Cod Elopement Package

What is a true Cape Cod Elopement Package like?

About three years ago we decided to add an elopement package to the offerings at the our quaint little Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast. This package has been one of our most enjoyable additions. It is heart warming to meet and get to know these charming young couples who are so much is love. We have been married for forty-five years and still enjoy listening to the vows and hearing each couples unique story.

Cape Cod Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet

Ceremony locations on the Bed & Breakfast property

Cape Cod Elopement Wedding on the front steps.

Ceremony on the front steps.

The couples usually arrive on a Saturday afternoon. We show them the Inn and make suggestions and recommendations about the location of the ceremony. One couple choose the area in the garden beside the fountain. The sound of the trickling water was pleasant during the exchanging of the vows. The sun was shinning, the flowers were in bloom and the birds were singing. All of which made it an enchanting event.

Another couple choose our storied herb garden. It was a warm summer day. There was a refreshing gentle breeze and the sun was shining through the rustling leaves. The bride wore a white halter top dress that had a flared skirt. She completed her outfit with the most adorable pair of  blue and white gingham shoes.

Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast fireplace in the parlor

Parlor fireplace.

Two other couples opted for indoor ceremonies. One chose the bottom of the stairway in the 1901 section of the Inn. They had flown in from Texas and wanted and old fashioned East Coast/Cape Cod style elopement.

Another couple selected the area in the parlor in front of a lighted fireplace. This was a cozy heart warming celebration of their love on a cool January Day.

Justice of the Peace

Our Justice of the Peace is a lovely lady who wears a distinguished black robe and always has a few thought-provoking, comforting, encouraging and kind words before the vows are exchanged.  She is always happy to provide the couple with a copy of those words for later reflection. The JP,s fee is included in the package.


Cape Cod's Emily Dickinson Room Five

Emily Dickinson Room

After choosing the location for the service we show the couple to their room. Our elopement package includes, one of our premium rooms. These rooms all have king sized beds, fireplaces and jetted tubs.

In the morning, if they like, they can have our three course breakfast in our sunny dining room or during the months from November through May they could choose to have the breakfast served in the room.

Timing and the Details

We encourage our couples to have the ceremony during the early afternoon. The Bed and Breakfast is usually quiet because the other guests are out of the Inn enjoying the day. For the ceremony we provide a lovely bouquet and boutonniere. Bill and Pat then show up with the cameras, to capture a few photos of the most special moments.

Cape Cod Wedding Cake

Wedding cake.


After the ceremony and the signing of all documents we retire to the new dining room where we have a table set with a lovely six-inch cake and a split of champagne.

That evening, the couple is provided with a fifty dollar gift certificate to the Falmouth restaurant of their choice.


For an additional charge we can add-on a number of extra items to our Cape Cod Elopement package. For example: a dozen roses, a couple’s massage at our local spa, or ferry tickets to Martha’s Vineyard.  Also, during the months of January through May 2012, we can add an additional night’s stay for half price.

For up-to-date details and pricing, go to our Cape Cod Elopement Package page.