August 12, 2018

We have had some marvelous sunny and hot summer days here, and the ocean water reflects that factor with extra mild temperatures.

Every morning, beach towels rapidly disappear from the baskets

and by early evening, the return baskets are full of towels brought back by beach going guests.   Our porches and decks and the fire pit have been receiving regular use and visits, and a number of our guests have been doing the 15 to 20 minute walk to the beach!

Renovations and restoration are continuing at the inn.  The new cedar shingles on the upper front and side walls and around the turret and the roof replacement on the turret are nearly done.

Our guest house is nearly ready to go on line with new central a/c, after which the installation crew is ready to start on the third floor to the main house.  The performance of this work is focused on daytime business hours, when our guests by and large are enjoying themselves at the beach or on Martha’s Vineyard.  By the time everyone returns late in the afternoon, the workers are winding down and preparing to leave.  It has all worked out quite well.

For the most part, we are accustomed to thinking of springtime as the season when everything is in bloom, but we have plenty of colorful flora at Palmer House at this time, even though the cherry blossoms and dogwoods have finished their display until the 2019 season!

This upcoming weekend is the Falmouth Road Race weekend and every day over the last few weeks we have regretfully had to turn people away since we are fully booked for the occasion.  If you are thinking of visiting Falmouth, consider coming after the race finishes.  We have some lovely rooms available then, including newly redecorated Rooms 6 and 12.