Palmer House Animals and Herb Garden

As I was walking to the main inn yesterday morning, to prepare breakfast, I encountered a mother rabbit and her three little ones. They were busy enjoying the clover and I don’t think that they even noticed me strolling past. In the evening, as I was taking my last walk through the herb garden, I encountered a rolly poly possum making his way past the lavender. When we first came to Falmouth, I never thought that we would see animals in this densely settled area.
The herb garden is evolving nicely. Each year I try something a little different.This year  I have been keeping the mint, basil, nasturtiums and pansies close to the kitchen where I can get to them easily when I am preparing the breakfast. The other herbs and flowers are in the herb garden. This year we have added a row of Shasta Daisies. I am hoping to be able to put them into the rooms this summer.  I have decided to keep the rosemary in containers this year. I was able to winter three of the plants from last season and will try again next winter. The lemon balm, savory, basil, chives, oregano, lemon sage, marjoram, beef steak plant and some of the lavender have survived the winter’s chill and are growing quite nicely. Dill and thyme were planted this week and, with our abundant rain this spring, they are doing quite nicely.
 On these warm spring and summer days you will find, our lovey Jamaican college student, Jodi and me in the garden, tending the herbs. Then in the morning you will be treated to Bill’s three cheese scrambled eggs topped with our very own Provence herb blend, grown right here.