Our Red-Tailed Hawks on the Cape

Many of our guests have enjoyed watching our neighborhood’s family of red-tailed hawks while visiting The Palmer House.

Red-tailed Hawk on Cape Cod

Red-tailed Hawk at the Palmer House

As you can see from the photos they are very beautiful and are outstanding hunters. The hawk in our photos is young. It is probably less than a year old. We can tell this because its plumage is not that of an adult.

Red-Tailed Hawk in the front garden.

Red-Tailed Hawk in the front garden.

The mature hawks have stocky bodies and broad wings and their tail feathers are rust color. It is wonderful to watch them soar high above our village. When they see their prey they fold their wings and dive quickly. We frequently see them perched on the upper most branches of a tall spruce, watching for the movement of small animals. Bill and I watched one catch a rabbit. However, do not worry, there are many more rabbits in our lovely Thornton Burgess garden beside the Guest House.