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Irish Bread

Irish Bread

Five years ago when Bill and I bought the Palmer House we decided to make our menu offerings typical of what one would call New England cooking. Many items are the same recipes that our mothers prepared for us as we were growing up. We also wanted items to reflect the ethnic groups that make up the population of Cape Cod. For example a typical New England meal is, “Johnny Cakes” and Maple Syrup. Bill’s grandmother’s Irish bread represents our Irish heritage. Forty percent of the population of Falmouth claim to be part Irish. There are also a large number of folks on the Cape who have emigrated from Portugal. One of our favorite offerings is “Spiced Apples over Bolo French Toast”. The bolos are made with Portuges sweet bread. Another large ethnic group are the French. Our tribute to the French is the “Crestless Quiche”. It is a real crowd pleaser and is wonderful to serve when the Inn is full. The quiche is complimented wonderfully when it is served with our British menu item, the “Cranberry – Tomato Chutney”. During our first summer as innkeepers, many guests asked for our recipes. I would make copies from the pages of my note books.

It was at that time that I decided that it would be good if I made up 4″x 6″ cards with the recipes. I asked our daughter, Lauren, who lives in San Diego and who is a graphic designer/photographer, to help us out with this project. She is one of those people who is almost never without her camera. When she is in the Inn, there is always the sound of the shutter somewhere. I was very happy with our little cards.

Then but one day I went to the mail box and found a box containing our cookbook. What a surprise. We were thrilled. The book is currently on display at the Inkwell Book Store on Main Street, in Falmouth. During the month of June the Cape Cod Times newspaper will be doing an article about the book. Also, Cape Cod TV channel 10 will be doing part of a show on the book. All this because folks from all over the world enjoy Palmer House style New England Cooking.

Favorite Recipes of The Palmer House Inn Favorite Recipes of The Palmer House Inn

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