Cape Cod May Baskets

Falmouth’s May Day celebration is festive.

All the stores on Main Street hang baskets. Many choose to decorate their baskets to represent products that can be found in the stores. This year I choose  a decorative Victorian bird-cage.

Cape Cod B&B May Basket 2011

Our May Basket 2011

The first of May is a special day for me. On May 1, 2003 I hung my May basket on our fence in Eastport, Maryland. Later that day I discovered that I had breast cancer. For a year my world was turned upside-down. However, on May 1, 2004 I hung my basket again, cancer free. Each year since I have hung the basket with joy in my heart. So many wonderful things have taken place over the last eight years, thanks to modern medicine and a wonderful family, I have embraced every day.

Happy May Day to you.