June’s Recipe: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Cape Cod Breakfast Strawberry Banana Smoothie

A cool way to start your day.

Cape Cod frozen strawberries

Frozen strawberries.

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This recipe uses wonderful fresh fruit and freshly frozen strawberries. I think of it as a recipe that helps any kitchen maintain its efficiency – we only use the exact number of strawberries required, so the rest stay chilled, and because it calls for “very ripe” bananas. If a banana isn’t bad, but its something my grandson might not eat, I can make this smoothie and he dives right in.

While I love the richness of the full cream version of this recipe, I also enjoy the yogurt version as a healthy variation. Depending on the type of yogurt you use, it can add quite a zing to the flavor. I use full fat Greek yogurt for a rich and creamy smoothie. By choosing a yogurt without the extra sugars you find in the low fat options it allows me to choose exactly how much sugar goes into the breakfast smoothie.

Speaking of sugar, another hint is that we sometimes use brown sugar instead of white cane sugar here. Brown sugar has a higher perceived sweetness. I learned this from Bill a while back. He doesn’t talk about it often, but he has a  degree in Food Technology. We are happy to put this degree to use here making something tasty, that contains a little less sugar.

We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

A Sumptuous Start to Your Day on Cape Cod

Enjoy the dining experience at this Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast.

At The Palmer House Inn our two to four course Cape Cod Gourmet breakfasts are always an event. Sit in the sun dappled breakfast room, as the aroma of fresh brewed coffee fills the room and enjoy a delightful meal. We use the finest ingredients and local Cape Cod grown and produced foods. Meals usually consist of a fruit starter, followed by a sweet or savory main dish.

The Inn’s organic herb garden, called The Humble Innkeeper’s Garden, is one of the secluded nooks where you can spend time relaxing. Many of the garnishes for the breakfasts are picked each day from this garden to ensure top quality ingredients are used.

Palmer House favorites include:

Baked pears in brown sugar and spice followed by gingerbread pancakes with lemon sauce and crispy bacon, or Palmer House cranberry sorbet followed by atlantic salmon quiche with cream cheese and a bagel.


Favorite Recipes of the Palmer House Inn

Recipe Book

Recipe Book: Favorite Recipes of The Palmer House Inn

Sumptuous Sweet & Savory Breakfasts and Tasty Treats for Your Afternoon Tea

You can find this recipe and many more in the Inn’s recipe book, Favorite Recipes of The Palmer House Inn. Order a copy for yourself  (at, ). This 120 page (7×7 inches or 18×18 cm, printed four-color) book is a collection of traditional New England recipes and modern variations is beautifully illustrated with color photographs by L. V. O’Connell. With over 50 recipes and images of the Inn, this makes for a lovely memento of your visit to the Palmer House and the Cape.