An Update for our Guests……

This morning, Palmer House Inn entered into a new era, when our climate control contractors flipped the master switch on our Guest House, and our brand new Central Air Conditioning System jumped into action with nothing more than the barely audible whisper of cool air entering the bedrooms.   Today we are permanently removing the window a/c units in our four bedrooms in the guest house.    In the next few days, the a/c work continues with Phase II, namely the installation of a similar system for the third floor in the Main House.

Room A in our Guest House, now with near-silent central air conditoining

As is the case in the Guest House now, each bedroom in the Main House will have its own thermostat — nobody needs to live with someone else’s choice of a temperature setting.  While the rumble of window a/c units will forever be a thing of the past, we are also looking forward to a considerable increase in efficiency.  Since taking ownership of Palmer House Inn on May 31 of this year, we have spent much thought and effort into increasing efficiency.  Aside from better climate control, this includes the replacement of any wasteful element, be they incandescent light bulbs, old garden sprinkler heads, old shower heads or old inefficient toilets each of which can waste multiple gallons of water per minute.  Since Cape Cod has to deal with an ongoing state of water shortages and a fragile ecology, it was high on our list of priorities that Palmer House Inn should be a responsible Cape Cod citizen by having cutting edge water and energy efficient systems.   When you book a room with us, you are entering into a partnership with us to help us preserve our precious water resource on Cape Cod.