Cape Theatre: My One & Only

My One & Only Cape theatre Program

The Musical, My One & Only, Playing at Our Local Cape Theatre July 16-20, 2013

My One & Only Cape theatre Program
My One & Only Program

Last evening was another delightful experience at Falmouth’s College Light Opera Company at Highfield Theatre. The theatre is about half a mile from the Palmer House. I was pleased to hear the show was a sell-out and glad that we have a season tickets. The singing, dancing and acting were excellent. Perhaps the most enchanting part of the whole production is the youthful exuberance. The students put there all into making the show a success.

“My One & Only” is about the handsome Captain Billy Buck Chandler who is determined to be the first man in history to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. His mission is somewhat side-tracked  when at a railroad station, he first sees Edythe Herbert. She is an ex-channel swimmer and current star attraction of Prince Nicolai Erracclyovi Tchatchavdze’s International Aquacade.

My One & Only cast boards at our Cape theatre
My One & Only cast

Billy is determined to meet Edythe and win her love and to this end he takes a crash course in sophistication at Mr. Magix’s Tonsorial and Satorical Emporial. It is at the Emporial that the urbane and all-knowing Mr. Magix tells Billy what the business of sophistication is all about. Billy arranges to run into Edythe “accidentally” at the cinema where she falls in love with him at first sight.

The owner of the Aquacade, Prince Nikki, is determined that he not lose his star attraction, and keeps a tight rein on her. Seeing Billy as her only hope of escaping the clutches of the Prince, Edythe persuades Billy to fly her to Cuba. Nikki finds out about her plan and sabotages the plane by dumping water into the fuel tank.  As a result the plane comes down on a seemingly deserted island, which they both turn into a paradise. However, Prince Nikki finds them and forces Edythe to go back to the Aquacade by threatening to reveal compromising photographs from her past. Billy, left alone, bitterly returns to the only dream left – his flight to Paris – and the fame he will achieve.

The Acquacade goes on but Edith is despondent and decides to run away again. Billy, however, is unable to forget Edythe and returns to Mr. Magix for more advice – what should he do now? Mr Magix tells him that only love matters and this should give him the strength with which to achieve his dream.

Cape theatre during intermission.
Cape theatre during intermission.

Prince Nikki and Billy’s female mechanic, Mickey, fall madly in love with one another, so with the Prince out of the way, Billy takes off in his plain, the Lone Star, to search for his beloved Edythe. He finds her in Morocco and persuades her to return with him to America and marry him.

“My One & Only”, opened on Broadway on May 1, 1983 at the St James Theatre and ran for 767 performances.

At the Highfield Theatre, the first performance was on Tuesday July 16th and the play will run through Saturday July 20th. All evening performances are at 8:00 PM. There will also be a Thursday Matinee, July 18th at 2:00 PM.

Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B

While all of our rooms have their own beautiful charm, we recommend the Harriet Beecher Stowe room, the Theodore Roosevelt room, or the Emily Dickinson room. All three rooms feature comfortable king beds, fireplaces, jacuzzi-style tubs and a relaxing stay before and after your theatre going experience.