Katherine Lee Bates

Birthplace of Katherine Lee Bates, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Before she was 12 the “America the Beautiful” author, Katherine Lee Bates, wrote her last will and testament.


Katherine Lee Bates statue, Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Katherine Lee Bates statue, Falmouth, MA.

Deeply affected by the death of her father shortly after her birth, She believed in leaving nothing to chance. She bequeathed all her worldly possessions, including her dolls and toys,to a close friend with the hope that she would give them to poor Indians and her garments to her Mother.

Bates was born in Falmouth on Aug. 12, 1859, in a house less than a block from The Palmer House. Her father was the pastor of the Congregational Church. She lived in the town for the first 11 years of her life.Educated at Wellesley College, she became a professor and eventually head of the college’s English literature department. Although best known for her beloved poem ” America the Beautiful,” she also wrote 32 volumes of stories, poems and essays. The author is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Falmouth.

Room One at the Palmer House is called the Katherine Lee Bates Room.

Birthplace of Katherine Lee Bates, Falmouth, Massachusetts.

The Katherine Lee Bates exhibit can be seen at Falmouth’s Museums on the Green.

May Cape Cod Travel Highlights

Here are a few of the events going on in Cape Cod this May that we are looking forward to. We hope you’ll travel to Cape Cod to enjoy them with us.

MAY 15, 7pm-9pm, Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth
Dr. Susan Larsen will detail the life and work of Edward Hopper with a presentation titled: Edward Hopper’s America: Then and Now. Admission is $15 and a reception follows. www.cultural-center.org; 508-349-7100

MAY 15-17, 10am-4pm each day, Green Briar Nature Center, East Sandwich
Enjoy the 28th Annual Herb Festival. The festival includes a range of lectures, exhibits, garden walks, a luncheon, and a vast selection of plants for sale. www.thorntonburgess.org; 508-888-6870

MAY 16, 10am, Trolley Tour, Falmouth Museums on the Green
Its Katharine Lee Bates’ 150th birthday – take a Trolley Tour and learn about the favorite haunts from the America The Beautiful author’s childhood. The tour is $20 per person. www.falmouthhistoricalsociety.org; 508-548-4857

MAY 19-JUNE 21, Pieces: Photography of Robert Manz, Highfield Hall, Falmouth
Robert Manz, a fine art photographer, based in Pocasset, MA, USA and Co. Mayo, Ireland will be showing his work at Highfield Hall in an exhibition titled Pieces: The Photography of Robert Manz. Photographs are available for sale. A portion of the proceeds benefits the hall. www.highfieldhall.org; 508-495-1878

MAY 22-25, 38th Annual Figawi Race Weekend, Hyannis
This renowned race to Nantucket, and the first regatta  of the season, is a fun weekend of sailing. www.figawi.com; 508-221-6891

MAY 22-JULY 5, Adventures in Restoration, Highfield Hall, Falmouth
View the details of this legendary mantion’s restoration through photographs, tours, and a restoration workshop. www.highfieldhall.org, 508-495-1878

MAY23, 9am-4pm, Nantucket Sidewalk Art Show, Nantucket
The Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) presents its annual Sidewalk Art Show. The Art Show features work from more than 30 AAN members and will be located in the garden of the Nantucket Atheneum. www.nantucketarts.org; 508-228-0294

As always the events above are subject to change. Please check with the event organizer for details and to confirm dates.