Couple Playing in the Snow

Escape to a Picture Perfect Winter Wonderland

This season, treat your forever travel partner and yourself to the winter escape of your dreams! Staying at Palmer House Inn during the snowy months is like being in a New England holiday card – picture perfect! From food and relaxation to adventure and wellness, we’ve got it all. Now grab a steaming mug of…

October Special!

Fall is with us at this time, and Palmer House Inn is festively decorated for Halloween.  Our newly restored porch is in full action and is once again a favorite with our guests.   Our beautiful living room with its custom-made Ethan Allen furniture and 19th century artwork has also evolved into a popular gathering…

Shopping in Falmouth, MA

Autumn reflections

    It is October 3rd by now, and we celebrated our four-month anniversary as owners of Palmer House Inn three days ago.  The Cape is a little quieter than it was back in the Summer, and although we do not have leaves turning yet there is a tangible sense that we’ve moved into a…

Beach chairs on the beach at sunset

Does Anybody need to…..

emphasize how beautiful Falmouth is in the fall? Whether you are enjoying late season flowers like this hibiscus next to our inn entrance……. …..or taking in a Currier & Ives scene right in our neighborhood…… …… or taking in an indescribably beautiful sunset behind the Knob  (ocean sunsets on the EAST Coast anyone?)….   Falmouth…

Palmer House Inn exterior view

The carpentry magicians continue their magic…..

Every day we are amazed how the new porch seems to be growing before our eyes.  It all looks so effortless.  Of course we know, that the carpentry team is working harder than ever to put everything back together.    What was a series of cement posts a week ago is starting to look like…

Porch at the Palmer House Inn

Turbocharged workmen!

24 hours after posting about the construction of the porch, it has gone from this To this! Complete with steps at both ends.   We’ll keep you posted as the porch progresses!  

Front porch with chairs

Happy Labor Day!

It is a warm and slightly overcast day here in Falmouth.  Some visitors head back to the mainland to beat the rush.  Our construction crew is hard at work, notwithstanding the holiday, and is busy putting together a new front porch for us.  The old porch was very pretty, but horrifying under the antique-looking surface.…