8 Facts for your New England Lobster Feast

8 Lobster Facts

The Lobster, a New England Feast

To many Cape Cod visitors a lobster meal is on the list of “must do’s” while vacationing in this seaside area. The following are a few facts for your next New England Lobster feast that I found interesting.

Folks love to eat the New England lobster as can be seen by the fact that the fishermen from this region catch and sell over 60 million pounds of the tasty crustacean each year.

8 New England Lobster Feast
8 New England Lobster Feast Facts
  1. Cape Cod Restaurant Review Quarterdeck: Seafood Pot
    Cape Cod Seafood Pot

    It takes most lobsters from 5 to 7 years to grow to legal size. During that time period it will shed its shell between 25 and 27 times.

  2. Female lobsters bear between 6,000 and 100,000 eggs. Fishery and conservation laws in most New England states, prevent fishermen from keeping egg bearing females.
  3. Prior to the invention of food canning in the middle of the eighteenth century, lobsters were considered only good enough to use as fertilizer. Lobsters that were washed ashore in the aftermath of storms, were only fed to the hired help.
  4. The natural color of lobsters is a deep green. Only cooked lobsters are red. The rarest color is blue. Only about one in 2 million lobsters is blue. We are fortunate that there is one of these rare blue lobsters in Falmouth’s own Woods Hole Aquarium.
  5. The largest lobster ever caught was pulled up off the coast of Nova Scotia and weighed over 44 pounds. It was believed to have been over one hundred years old. However, divers off the coast of Maine, have said that they have observed much larger ones.
  6. The only legal way to catch a lobster is with a licensed trap. The largest lobsters found in traps weigh 15 pounds, although ones that large must be thrown back for exceeding the maximum size.
  7. Scientists tell us that lobsters have 20,000 “eyes,”  however, it is said that they have poor vision and communicate by smell and by sensing movement with their antenna.
  8. Each  New England state has designated lobstering grounds and a limited number of licenses are issued. These coveted licenses are passed down from generation to generation. Each lobsterman has his designated fishing area and they are careful not to trespass on each other’s area.

When Bill was a child his family vacationed on the New Hampshire coast. His Uncle John would get, what was known as a private non-commercial lobstering license. This license would allow a private citizen to place up to five traps in the water off his property. That license also required him to fish from a boat. I can remember my mother-in-law’s descriptions of the wonderful meals of lobster, drawn butter, corn on the cob and freshly baked rolls the family would enjoy. These feasts were served on the cottage porch on warm summer evenings.

In those days, there was a charmed period in a boys life. Bill and his cousin Jack would launch the family’s row boat off the beach and would dive in 10 to 15 feet of water with a two pronged spear.  It was not necessary to spear the lobster, the boys would simply approach the slow moving  creature from behind and place the prongs on either side of its tale then lift up behind the claws. They would then swim to the surface and toss the lobster into the boat. This practice is now prohibited  by law but at that time it was a fine adventure for the northeastern version of two Huckleberry Finns.

Some great places and events for enjoying your New England Lobster Feast include:

Lobster Ravioli and White Wine at the Flying Bridge Restaurant
Lobster Ravioli and White Wine
  1. Lobster on the Lawn, Summer Mondays
  2. Quarterdeck Restaurant
  3. Landfall
  4. Shuckers
  5. Flying Bridge Restaurant


Cape Cod's Stowe Room, A
Harriet Beecher Stowe room
Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B

While all of the bedchambers at the Palmer House have their own charm suitable for relaxation after the most wonderful day of New England lobster feasts, we recommend the Harriet Beecher Stowe room, the Theodore Roosevelt room or the Emily Dickinson room. These rooms feature comfortable king beds, fireplaces, jacuzzi-style tubs for a relaxing stay before and after your day.

Cape Restaurant Review: The Flying Bridge

Lobster Ravioli and White Wine at the Flying Bridge Restaurant

For this Cape Restaurant Review, we recently had a special dinner at the Flying Bridge.

Lobster Ravioli and White Wine at the Flying Bridge Restaurant
Lobster Ravioli and White Wine

Lots of folks were there celebrating Mother’s Day and so were we. The Flying Bridge combines a New England cosmopolitan atmosphere with a dock side cafe. The sun was out, the weather was good so we thought it would be fun to sit at their bar, enjoy dinner and the views of the harbor.

The menu features a range of old seafood favorites (Cod, Shrimp Scampi, Steamers,…) and delightful new ones (Lobster Ravioli, Lobster Quesadilla,..).

Lobster Ravioli
Lobster Ravioli

We dine at the Flying Bridge many times each year. For the special occasion we both had lobster ravioli. It was great. The ravioli was beautifully presented in a bowl of ravioli prepared with leeks, arugula and Roma tomatoes in a cream sauce. Each dish included the meat from half a lobster tail.

Other favorites on the menu include their onion rings, baked stuffed shrimp and baked scallops.

Chris at Flying Bridge Restaurant

Our bartender for the evening was Chris. He was ready when we arrived with a glass of Bill’s favorite chardonnay, good conversation and a great smile.

View from the Flying Bridge
View from the Flying Bridge

The Flying Bridge is located on Falmouth Harbor with fantastic views of the boats at the docks. The second floor, a popular spot for wedding receptions, features even better views of boats moored in the harbor.

As always, we are happy to make a reservation for you or for more information on this Cape Cod Restaurant:

Flying Bridge Restaurant Entrance
Flying Bridge Restaurant

Flying Bridge
220 Scranton Avenue
Falmouth, MA 02540

After a delightful evening at the Flying Bridge spend your night at the Palmer House. While all of our rooms have their own relaxing and romantic charm we recommend theTheodore Roosevelt room for its charm, mahogany canopy bed and Jacuzzi-style tub; and the Henry James Penthouse for its elegance, plush pillows and Jacuzzi-style tub.



Cape Cod’s Landfall Restaurant Review

New England Dining, lunch and Landfall with tallship at the dock.

How is this for a Cape Cod water view?

Landfall Restaurant, Woods Hole, Falmouth, Cape Cod
Landfall’s water view.

The Landfall is one of our favorite restaurants. It is located in Woods Hole, one of Falmouth’s 8 villages and just 4 miles from The Palmer House. The food is outstanding and the staff is friendly. Landfall is owned by two local brothers and the kitchen specializes in seafood, however, they do have excellent steaks, chops, and chicken in addition to meatless offerings.

Landfall Restaurant, Woods Hole, Falmouth, Cape Cod
Landfall Restaurant

My favorite meal is the “Local Steamers”. Steamers are steamed clams that are served with clam broth and drawn butter. I order it with garlic bread and a salad and I am in “New Englander’s Heaven”. Bill enjoys their “Seafood Newburg” over linguini.

Landfall is open from May through October and they are one of the few restaurants that will take reservations. They also have valet parking.