Cape Portals and Passageways Exhibit

Gypsy's Staircase by Amy Ragus, part of the Portals & Passagways Exhibit at Highfield Hall through September 2014, in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

The Cape Portals & Passageways Exhibit is an environmental sculpture and art exhibition on display at Highfield Hall and Gardens through September.

Cape portals and passageways exhibit - Gypsy's Staircase
Cape Portals & Passagways Exhibit at Highfield Hall.

The show features the art of twenty-five artists from this region.The installations include a variety of disciplines that include fiber art, landscape design, bronze sculpture, glass blowing, painting and photography. The exhibit is a walking tour that starts inside the mansion and continues outside through the grounds.

Linda Hoffman’s “Tree Om” was the inspiration for the show and can be viewed on the lawn. Alfie Glover’s twelve-foot tall aluminum sculpture, ” The spirits of the Garden” can be seen in the center of the sunken garden in front of Highfield Hall.

One of the most interesting sculptures is the “Fragment House”. It is a small steel framed house and its walls are made of sea glass that is woven with wire.

Celestial Passage Walking Labyrinth:” Spirit, Space and Time” comes next. The creator and installer is Dan DiNardo who is Highfield’s director of facilities. It is located behind the mansion and it is forty feet in diameter and is a meditative walking labyrinth that is based on the geometry of the classic seven-circuit labyrinth and is complete with hewn wood seats placed at the four compass points. The seats were created by tree specialist Matt Inman in collaboration with David Chapman. Inman also created a large-scale arbor of woven sticks.

“Crystal Vision Earth Portal” was created by Cynthia Rose. It is nestled on the grounds on the “Beach Tree Path” and provides a haven for renewal and reflection. The circular rock formation with accents of crystal is designed to promote contemplation and recognition of the earth’s energy that is released through this portal.

Angela Tanner created, “A wind in the Door”. It is designed to be a fairy tale door that announces the presence of things unseen. When the door is open it allows humans and other earthly creatures to pass. When it is closed fairies and spirits and other wind born creatures can move through it. The doors panels tinkle and shimmer as evidence of their presence. The garden gate leads to the “Rhodie Dell”.

Jon Moore, a photographer who created a portal to the past. He applied vintage images of the Beebe family to stones along the path of “Rhodie Dell” for his installation titled “Spirits in the Stones, Past Presence”.

Gypsy's Staircase by Amy Ragus, part of the Portals & Passagways Exhibit at Highfield Hall through September 2014, in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.
Gypsy’s Staircase by Amy Ragus.

Connecting Tanner’s gate and  Moor’s “Past Presence” is the beautiful stone “Gypsy’s Staircase” that was designed by Amy Ragus.

In the “Rhodie Dell”, is  the very lovely, “Water study in Silk and White Pine” by Sarah Peters and “Asylum Grove”  by John Cira.

After the “Rhodie Dell”, viewers enter the “West Garden” where they are told that they  “Only Have to Change Utterly to Enter “. There they walk under Sally Mavor’s “Hither and Yon” sculpture and on to the “Beach Tree Path”. There they see “Whose Woods These Are”, by Andrea Tompson,  “Pan’s Portico” by Ben Silva and “Invasives” by Basia Goszczynska.

This is an enchanting show and one only needs his or her imagination to enjoy it completely.

The Cape Portals and Passageways Exhibit can be found at:

Highfield Hall (5 minute walk from the Palmer House Inn)
56 Highfield Dr, Falmouth, MA 02540
tel. (508) 495-1878


Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod's Emily Dickinson Room Five
Cape Cod’s Emily Dickinson Room Five

While all of the bedchambers at the Palmer House have their own charming retreat before and after the most wonderful day of adventures exploring the portals and passageways of Cape Cod, we recommend the Emily Dickinson roomthe Harriet Beecher Stowe room, or the Theodore Roosevelt room. These rooms feature comfortable king beds, cozy fireplaces, and soothing jacuzzi-style tubs for a relaxing stay before and after your day.

Signatures Mosaic Show

By Verdonna at the Signature Mosaic Show

Signatures Mosaic Show at Falmouth’s Highfield Hall

Banner for Signature Mosaic Show in Falmouth.
Banner for Signature Mosaic Show in Falmouth.

This summer from July 10th through September 1st, Highfield Hall is hosting the Signatures Mosaic Show. It is comprised of fifteen mosaic artists who are making their mark on the world of mosaics. This is a cutting edge exhibition. The mosaics that have been selected for this exhibition represent not only a cross section of styles but also the diverse choices of materials that feature each artist’s “signature”.

About the Signatures Mosaic Show

The curator, Linda Dadak writes, “It is my hope that this exhibition will provide you with endless viewing pleasure and inspire you to not only see the mosaics around you but also seek out the many galleries and museums that feature this extraordinary Art Form.” I had a wonderful time viewing the mosaics from the show in the elegant space.

Signature Mosaic Show in hallway and room.
Hallway and room in Highfield Hall displaying mosaics.
Mosaic dresses by Susan Wechsler at the Signature Mosaic Show
Dream by Susan Wechsler

As you enter the house there are mosaics on the walls, in the halls, and above fireplaces. Each mosaic has its own space and plenty of natural light to be appreciated and enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. Highfield Hall is less than a mile and a short walk from the Palmer House.

The outstanding Signatures Mosaic Show artists are:

  • North Head Lighthouse by Carl and Sandra Bryant at the Signature Mosaic Show
    North Head Lighthouse by Carl and Sandra Bryant.

    Rachel Sager Lynch

  • Yulia Hanansen
  • Carl and Sandra Bryant
  • Sophie Drouin
  • Richard Youngstrom
  • Jim Bowen
  • Mary Dunn  Cauley
  • Verdonna
  • Betsy Redman
  • Richard Youngstrom
  • Kathryn Hmielowski
  • Sean Newton
  • Carol Shelkin
  • Amy Marks
  • Daniel Tardif
  • Linda Dadak
  • Susan Wechsler
  • Sonya King
  • Laurie Mika
  • Jo Braun
  • Julie Richey
  • Lynn Moor
  • Cynthia Fisher
By Verdonna at the Signature Mosaic Show
By Verdonna
Call of the Egg/Series #2 Surrender by Lynn Moor
Call of the Egg/Series #2 Surrender by Lynn Moor

The Curator, Linda Dadak is a Cape Cod Mosaic artist. She was responsible for bringing the first mosaic exhibition to New England in 2004 which was held at the Higgins Gallery on the campus of Cape Cod Community College. During the summer of 2011, Linda co-curated The National Mosaic Exhibition of Cape Cod at Highfield Hall  here in Falmouth. In addition to showing sixty-five works of mosaic art, she also organized gallery talks, a mosaic bus tour, and films about mosaics. These features made that exhibition popular and unique. It was the inspiration for this year’s exhibition.

Main staircase and mosaics for Signature Mosaic Show
Main staircase and mosaics.

This summer’s exhibition is also being held at Highfield Hall here in Falmouth and consists of the works of fifteen nationally and internationally known mosaics artists from around the United States.This exhibition presents some of the best work from today’s contemporary mosaic artists and will inspire you to take a closer look at the extraordinary diversity of this art form. The exhibition will show that this mosaics in the hands of this diverse group of American artists, indeed does have a distinct “Signature”.

Antique sideboard cabinet and mosaics for Signature Mosaic Show
Antique sideboard cabinet and mosaics.

During this season we had a number of the mosaic students, who were taking classes at Highfield, stay with us at the Palmer House Inn because we are located close by. They were absolutely delightful guests. It was a pleasure to chat with them during breakfast. Several of the students traveled from the western part of the country. Because they were concerned about carrying their tools on the airplane, they had their equipment shipped to the Inn ahead of time. Everything arrived in good condition and was awaiting them upon their arrival. We are hoping that the mosaic classes will be an annual event. It is truly amazing to witness how this art form has evolved and branched out in recent years.



Cape Cod's Roosevelt Room, B
Cape Cod’s Roosevelt Room, B

While all of our rooms have their own Cape charm, we recommend the Theodore Roosevelt Room for its Victorian flourishes, the Emily Dickinson Room for its New England charm, and the Richard Henry Dana Room for its nautical theme. All of three of these rooms feature king beds and jacuzzi-style tubs for complete relaxation after a wonderful day viewing the mosaics.

The Treasure Chest and Chafin’s Gallery

Cape Cod Shopping at the Treasure Chest

Cape Cod Shopping Guide to the Treasure Chest & Chafin Gallery

The Treasure Chest

Cape Cod Shopping at the Treasure Chest
Cape Cod Shopping at the Treasure Chest

You will always find a pleasant smile and warm hospitality when entering The Treasure Chest Shop at number 233 on Falmouth’s Main Street. The shop is divided into two sections. The front section is devoted primarily to the latest fashions highlighted in the storefront windows. The gallery in the rear of the shop showcases some of the  Cape Cod region’s finest art work and crafts. The Treasure Chest offers a wide array of outstanding gifts, and great values for you and your home.

The owner, Janice Chafin, opened the Main Street shop just a year ago and this year has gone very well. Janice has told us that she knew that the summer season would be busy, but that she thinks the best thing about being on Main Street is that Falmouth is an active community throughout the year and there are always people walking on Main Street even during the winter months.

Prior to the shops move to Main Street, The Treasure Chest had been located on Worcester Court in Falmouth, where Janice sold woman’s apparel and toys in addition to the art work and housewares  While at the Worcester Court location, Janice’s shop did so well that she decided he needed more  floor space. With the move to Main Street some changes were made. First, Janice as a love for fashion, so she made the decision to increase her ladies clothing lines and to drop the toys. The clothing in the store features every day casual outfits, colorful or basic separates and stunning classic dresses that would be perfect for a Cape Cod evening affair.

More Cape Cod Shopping at the Chafin Art Gallery

Colorful Cape Cod Shopping for Paintings at Chafin Gallery
Colorful Paintings at Chafin Gallery

Along with the move Janice created a separate business out of the Art Gallery. She gave it its own name, Chafin Art Gallery and it features twenty-two artists. She is delighted to report that the art gallery has become so popular that she now has a waiting list. An added bonus is that when people want to go to the gallery, they walk through the Treasure Chest. This  allows more people to become familiar with both businesses. One of the clever things that she  has done to transition from one business to the other, is the inclusion of a line of “Tres Chic Furniture”. The furniture is restored older pieces that have been painted in white and the most delightful colors. The chic furniture is used throughout the showroom to display dinnerware and stemware, linens, candles, jewelry, hand bags, handmade soaps and other accessories delightful accessories.

Cape Cod shopping at Fine Art at Chafin Gallery
Fine Art at Chafin Gallery

Janice does not just rely on foot traffic, she has created the “Summer Artist Series”. This features one artist and his/her work for a week with a “meet and greet cocktail reception” on Thursday evenings. These are catered by her next door neighbor, Mark Cilfone and his friendly staff from La Cucinna Sul Mare. Along the same lines, Janice has brought in”Fashion Trunk” shows that allow the Treasure Chest customers to preview the next season’s clothing lines and there are always show specials.

The Treasure Chest and Chafin Art Gallery is a welcome addition to our charming Cape Cod downtown.  When you come to visit be sure to stop in, be sure to say hello to Janice and her staff.

The Treasure Chest and Chafin Art Gallery are located a short walk from the Palmer House Inn. While you are staying at the Inn, stay in the Henry James Penthouse to view Harrison’s “Portrait of a Beauty” or the cozy Herman Melville Room to view original drawings by P.L. O’Connell.