It all began years ago when the minister that married Derek & I told him that he & his wife once went to the Onni ( the hotel in downtown Norfold, VA, not far from the church) for the night, with out suitcases.

For 23 + years, this has stayed with Derek. And on my 57th birthday I was the wonderful beneficiary of this memory! We walk past your B&B all the time. We ooh & aah over it, noticing the guests in the rockers, the flowers in the garden, the charm of your beautiful home. So, yesterday, Derek surprised me and we biked to your B&B after a lovely ride down our favorite Shining Sea bikeway & a gelato at our favorite Pie a La Mode shop.

Being here has been a decadent, pampered, extraordinary experience. Such Beauty, every detail is remarkable, the decor, the antiques, the fantasy come true canopy bed, the sensuality of the sheets, the escape of the whirlpool for two. Ahhhhhhhh, the chocolate treats, the homemade cookies, the apple cider, the bright sunny breakfast with food so delicious (esp loved the chilled blueberry soup), the tea cozy–even the British guests at the next table–all these sweet contributions have made my 57th birthday a most memorable experience.

Thank you,
Derek & Morgaine
Falmouth, MA

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